Red Deer & District Garden Club
Calling all gardeners!  Red Deer & District Garden Club announces the annual spring Plant Sale!
  -Proceeds to the Red Deer & District Garden Club and Kerry Wood Nature Centre
Please come out and support our Red Deer & District Garden Club and the Kerry Wood Nature Center during our Annual Plant Sale & Exchange Fundraiser (and encourage your friends, neighbors and other enthusiastic gardeners as well!)

Where:      Kerry Wood Nature Centre  (6300 – 45 Avenue)                      

When:       Sunday May 29, 2016

Hours:       10:00am - noon plant drop off  /  12:30pm - 3:00pm plant sale
Please have plants potted up appropriately with labels for plant name and sun or shade preference. Cash is preferred. 
For every 2 non-invasive*, potted plants (perennials, annuals, or house plants) you bring in, you get a ticket which allows you to choose 1 plant to take home (Please Label!). You can also buy any plants for $3 (cash only) with the exception of the odd rare or exceptional plant, which may cost a few $ more.

Things to do ahead of time

Have a walk around your yard a week or two prior to the event, and see if you have plants to divide.  Carefully dig, divide, pot up, and label your plants.  Put plants in the shade, and make sure they do not dry out. Bulbs, Tubers, Corms and Rhizomes may be kept in small labeled box or bag with moist newspaper (Example: Lilies, Dahlias, Irises, daylilies, potatoes). Garden Club Members will be able to assist you with any questions

Your extra perennials, extra annuals or houseplants are all welcome.  For every two plants you bring in you get a coupon worth one plant; however, donations are welcome, too.  When you bring your plants for the exchange, ensure the plants are potted, and LABELED, depicting: Common name, Height, Best Location (sun or shade) and if they flower, the colour.  Ideas for labels are cut up strips of yogurt containers or masking tape with permanent marker. Bring boxes or trays for your plants.  This plant preparation will save time at the welcome check-in table.
***We will not accept any plants that are listed under the city of Red Deer's weed list or at Examples: Clematis yellow tangutica, creeping bellflower (Campanula rapunculoides), Himalayan  Balsam, oxeye daisy, wild cucumber and goutweed.***  As well chives, lily of the valley, goutweed, and common yarrow will not be accepted as these are aggressive plants and need to be managed as such.

- A BIG Thank you to all past and future supporters -